We need your help please.

In the Spring, we started a new area on the campsite.

We used trees from the grounds to make a huge four poster day bed, with a sedum head board and voile drapes. There is a misting shower to cool off under with a living willow screen (still growing at the moment). We’ve added a sitting area and a couple of features to help you relax to the sound of trickling water.

Our work is done, and now it needs a name.
We’ve added some pictures so you can see what it looks like, and for those of you who know the site, it sits at the top of the field just beyond the wild flower meadow.

So, get your thinking heads on and inspire us with your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “We need your help please.”

  1. Love your relaxing mist area, looks lovely. Mind you I wouldn’t expect anything less from you both.
    I’ve been rattling my brain for a name, and the best I can think of is Mystarea.
    Probably not a real word but sounds like one.
    Can’t wait to try it out. 👍👍

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